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Human management + Information

Intelligent Human Resource Management

Manage the efficiency of workers online.

HUMAN + solution helps to increase labor efficiency at production facilities and reduce operating costs.

Human management + Intelligence

Effective control

Wearable HUMAN+ telemetry module provides continuous monitoring of employees’ activity at industrial or remote sites throughout the entire work shift.

  • Personal performance indicators
  • Identification of deviations in the activities of employees
  • Workload levels and tasks types
  • Location and movement tracks on site
  • Work / rest records

Human management + Safety

Production safety

HUMAN + allows to monitor vital signs of production personnel and environmental parameters at the work site to reduce risks and threats to life.

  • Temperature at the work site
  • The content of hazardous contaminants in the air
  • Concentration of explosive gases
  • Risk assessment of threats to life and health
  • Alerts and notifications in case of emergencies

Human management + Environment

Integrated analytics and alerts

Collection, analysis and visualization of telemetric data from wearable modules in the cloud platform HUMAN+ CLOUD. Instant alerts about threats to life, state of emergency or deviation of targets from the norm.

HUMAN+ Solution

We create a digital twin of an employee and his workplace environment. This approach enables an intelligent management of a given company’s workforce, particularly on remote worksites.

Analysis of employees’ activity in a uniformed information environment in real time
Continuous monitoring of the environment at work site to reduce potential threats to life
Improving the efficiency of workforce management with timely and objective information that helps to make right management decisions

Key Principle of Solution

Quick "Out of the box» start and a minimum of Configuration settings

Collection of telemetry parameters with HUMAN + wearable module
  • The level and nature of physical activity
  • Location
  • Environmental data
Analysis of collected data in HUMAN+ CLOUD platform
  • Accumulation and processing
  • Data cleaning and interpretation
  • Telemetry storage and retrospective search
Customised Dashboards and Analytics to enhance management decisions
  • Creating reports
  • Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Alert notifications

HUMAN+ Telemetry Module

HUMAN+ module ensures continuous collection and transfer of employees’ activity and environment monitoring data to HUMAN+ CLOUD during the entire work shift.

Long battery life of the module and ability to position personnel in confined spaces allow for an additional degree of control and safety when working in mines or other poorly accessible work sites.

The presence of expansion slots allows to integrate up to 4 optional sensors in the module for optimal control of the environment in hazardous areas.

Specifications of HUMAN+ module

The Module can be used as a removable or built-in component of the employee's outfit

PCB own design
Core ARM Cortex-M3
Link Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM
Navigation GPS / Glonass
Sensors Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, an altimeter, gas analyzers
Battery life up to 24 hours
Protection IP65
Weight 145 g.

Cloud platform HUMAN+ CLOUD

The HUMAN+ CLOUD is based on proprietary data analysis algorithms built using mathematical models, neural networks, and machine learning. Open architecture allows you to quickly customize the system for individual needs.

Flexible configuration of dashboards provides a comprehensive tool for analysis of the employees effectives on a variety of parameters.

Features of HUMAN+ CLOUD

Platform Features
  • Collection and processing of telemetry data
  • Analytical Dashboard Designer
  • Data visualization
  • Building and exporting reports
  • Vital signs alerts
Technical features
  • Easy integration with API
  • Works in a browser from any device
  • Real-time data
  • Low system requirements
  • Strong protection of stored data

Application of the Solution

Increase transparency and effectiveness of contractors

The use of HUMAN + technology increases the transparency and efficiency of contractors' work on construction sites. The intelligent platform HUMAN + allows you to conduct a remote evaluation of the efficiency of personnel and whole production units for a variety of parameters, analyze the current number of labor and technical resources at the facility.

Control of production safety

Creating safe working conditions is one of the main tasks in any large-scale production. HUMAN+ offers customers effective tools for monitoring production safety and minimizing the risks of life threatening events.

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